Personal Care Attendant

Eastern Health Canada
Full Time
$24 an hour
Posted 8 days ago
Job description
Job Summary Personal Care Attendants are valued members of the interprofessional team in long-term care. They are responsible for providing support to residents in all aspects of daily living through companionship, physical, spiritual, and psychosocial care. This includes, but are not limited to, performing duties related to all aspects of the residents' personal needs (nutrition, personal hygiene, mobility), assisting with planning, and providing various recreational activities, supporting families and residents for end-of-life issues and escorting residents. Duties are performed under the direction of a registered nurse / licensed practical nurse in keeping with the philosophy of resident-centered care. Long-term care settings are often complex. Residents have diverse needs resulting from such conditions as chronic illness and functional and cognitive impairments. This population includes frail or elderly adults, individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities and/or individuals with mental illness. The work environment is fast paced with frequent contact with the public, residents, and other health professionals. Job Demands By applying for this job, you acknowledge an understanding that regular requirements and demands of this job include (but are not limited to): Regularly lift/move objects/supplies up to 30 lb and frequent standing and walking. Regularly requires a variety of body movement including bending, kneeling, and stretching and pushing and pulling objects using light to medium force. Data input, visual monitoring and higher than normal levels of attentiveness and attention to the health and safety of others is required in the provision of all forms of care. Job Qualifications Successful completion of an approved/recognized Personal Care Attendant Program or other equivalency as determined by the employer. Equivalency may include completion of an adequate portion of the BN or Practical Nurse program to enable the applicant to meet a majority of the duties, responsibilities, and psychomotor competencies of the PCA. Strong oral and written communication skills, be able to maintain effective working relationships with residents, staff, and families, demonstrate initiative, be able to work independently and prioritize work duties. A satisfactory record of work performance is required. Employees, to review your attendance record please refer to your employee portal on the Intranet for details. The attendance record is only available to employees who are currently in positions that accumulate sick time. If this is an internal posting only, only applicants of the Eastern Health NAPE HS Regional Bargaining Unit will be considered. Otherwise, If this is an internal and external posting, all applications will be accepted and preference will be given to those qualified candidates who are internal to the Eastern Health NAPE HS Regional Bargaining Unit.

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