Early Childhood Educator

Active Start Child Care
Full Time
Calgary, AB
$15.50–$19.50 an hour
Posted 20 days ago
Job description
Active Start Child Care (Country Hills) is currently seeking applicants for Early Childhood Educators Who We Are: At Active Start, we are committed to providing the dynamic, inter-active, child-centered activities and environment required to meet the social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional and self-concept developmental needs of young children. We provide an environment which is inviting, spacious and emotionally and physically safe with a large variety of learning opportunities. We celebrate and display the children's completed and ongoing work. We are committed to establishing a positive and communicative relationship with children and their families, and believe that this is essential in creating an atmosphere of respect and trust. We recognize that our purpose is to support the parents of the children in our care. We share with parents the opportunity and responsibility of caring for their children, and welcome their involvement and ideas. We provide each child with a variety of learning experiences, which expand their knowledge and increase their understanding of their community and their world. We encourage and support child-initiated activities which enable children to share feelings, emotions and ideas with others, and give each child a sense of self-worth. We provide a variety of multi-sensory and differentiated teacher-directed activities to provide the children with information and experiences which will enable all children to become successful and enthusiastic learners. We believe that emotional engagement is essential to motivating and personalizing learning. Therefore, we encourage humor, music, laughter and fun in the daily activities and projects that the children undertake. We provide opportunities for children to learn values; to respect friends and teachers, to work cooperatively, to learn to make good choices and to be kind, self-disciplined and responsible. We view daycare as a part of the family support system that enables parents to go to work, knowing that their children are safe and well cared for in every way. Job Duties We are currently seeking an experienced child care staff to become our Lead Teacher in our Infant/Toddler program. Responsibilities for this position are as follows: General o Ensure the daily routine is being followed.o Adhere to and strictly follow the Educational and Music Programo Prepare weekly detailed program in accordance with that which is outlined in the Education and Music Program (post program and ensure daily activities (books/crafts) are prepared for the following week).o Complete the monthly room newsletter by specified due dates.o Keep room birthday calendar up to date.o Be sure child staff ratios are always monitored and adhered to.o Ensure the program plans are followed and discuss any changes with the Director.o Ensure room reports and health and safety checklists are being completed.o Ensure that Assessments and Communication are being followed in accordance with the Education Programo Be aware of all children who may need emergency medications, where the medications are stored and how to administer them, as well as forms filled out correctly and are up to date. Parents: o Greet parents when they come into the room.o Be aware of who each parent is and learn their names.o Be ready to discuss minor concerns with parents and to call on the Director if something beyond a simple routine concerns is involved.o Ensure that parents take medications home when completed.o Ensure that daily insites for each child via the tablet are completed each day. Children: o Get to know all of the children in the room, including needs and abilities.o Review all applicable registration records for all children in room. Be aware of and record special needs or concerns of parents.o Fill out incident and illness reports when necessary and give them to the Director orSupervisor.o Be aware of all allergies and keep it on the bulletin board for quick reference.o Make sure all staff is aware of individuals to whom each child may be released and procedure in place when releasing a child to individuals on that list. Request identification when necessary.o Be aware of all court ordered unauthorized pickups and make sure room staff is also aware.o Ensure that the children are provided with sufficient outdoor playtime every day.o Be aware of all children who may need emergency medications, where the medications are stored, how to administer them, any special instructions and that forms are filled out properly and up to date.o Administer medications and/or herbal remedies when needed and observe children carefully for allergic reactions. Staff: o Ensure Room Assistant(s) is carrying out responsibilities.o Report any concerns regarding Room Assistant to Director.o Be prepared to discuss progress or any concerns Director may have regarding any aspect of the daycare with an open mind, being honest and straightforward.o Be prepared to attend all staff meetings and to provide input as requested.o Ensure that Room Assistant(s) is involved in decisions and in preparing and carrying out the monthly programming and completing checklists and room reports.o Communicate all parent, child or room concerns, requests or changes to the Preschool/OOSC Coordinator/Director or Director/Centre Director. Physical Facility: o Room must be kept tidy and clean. Housekeeping must be done according to schedule.o Room must be organized, and cleaning of furnishings, equipment, and blankets must be scheduled and adhered to.o Room Lead is ultimately responsible for a) and b) above and must delegate to assistants when necessary.o Ensure that all cleaning and safety checklists in the room are signed and kept up to date.o Assess risks to ensure that children’s play areas and materials are safe. Qualifications Successful candidates are required to possess a Level 2 or 3 Child Care Certification. A current (within the past 3 months) Criminal Record Check, with a Vulnerable Sectors Search is mandatory. We also require all employees to have their First Aid certification. Fluency in English is a must. Work remotely No Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: $15.50-$19.50 per hour Flexible Language Requirement: English not required Schedule: 8 hour shift Monday to Friday No weekends Experience: Childcare: 1 year (preferred) Licence/Certification: Childcare Certification (level 1, 2 or 3) (required) Work Location: One location

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