Chemical Process Maintainer

Crown Holdings
Full Time
Weston, ON
Posted 30+ days ago
Job description
Job Accountabilities PRIMARY FUNCTION: Set up, adjust and maintain Washers Schneider filter, CUNO filter, cupper soluble oil tank (Pre- mix if used) deionizers, water softeners , filter press ,washer sump, vacuum pumps and compressor area (general), vacuum pump and compressor areas (maintainer assigned specific), all washer conveyors ,leading into washer and exiting, CPM lab, effluent system: monitoring, maintenance and adjustments. Unloading and transferring chemicals. PPE & SAFETY: Steel Toe, Slip resistant Boots, Safety eye wear, Ear protection and Diphoterine eyewash to be worn at all times. Chemical handling requires additional safety equipment, including face shield/goggles. Chemical suit/apron, Chemical boots/over -boots and Chemical gloves. Plus any safety items specific to tasks TOOLS & EQUIPMENT: Washers, Schneider, cupper soluble tank ( If premixing is required) deionizers, WWT equipment sump pumps, vacuum pumps, compressor area, conveyors, forklifts, janitorial supplies , hand and power tools and any other assigned areas MATERIALS: Coated and uncoated aluminum cans in various stages of manufacture, rags, cleaning materials, copper sulfate, DI water, salt, Phenolphthalein, Acid Solution 61, Potassium Chloride, Certi-Pur, Buffer Solution SB101-500 and 107-500, Acids (95% and 50% Sulfuric, Henkel C-IC 62441 and C-IC 62435 cleaner packages including HF) and caustic 50%, oils, dunnage, filters of various descriptions including cunos. Other titrants and test solutions, WWT chemicals including Polymers and coagulants plus any new materials used in new processes and/or trials. SOURCE OF SUPERVISION: Shift Supervisor, Shift Group leader, PM&R Leader, Engineering Manager or as assigned for projects. DUTIES: Awareness of production schedule, check schedule to determine time of label changes so maintenance can be performed if it is required. If time is available for replacement of parts, repair or re-adjust as required. Check machines. Analyze any and all types of mechanical or operational issues, form plans and take corrective actions. Make necessary corrections and running adjustments to maintain maximum production and quality. When required, assist with can size changes (12oz-16oz etc) by adjusting assigned equipment. Make repair or overhaul as required short of machining parts. Operate equipment to Confirm operation. Clean and lubricate as required. Examine, test and measure product from assigned equipment for quality specifications, using appropriate gauges and instruments and record data. Check product for overall conformance to requirements. Complete preventative maintenance checks and inspections of assigned equipment, report findings and take appropriate action. Maintain WWT system to meet specifications. To include WWT, pumps, Deionizers, water softeners, cuno filters, sludge press and all other WWT equipment Sweeping, mopping and other house-keeping duties in the maintainer assigned areas. Always keep assigned area clean and hazard free. Dump sludge press as required Clean exterior of washer and Dryer control panels. Inspect and maintain all trenches and enclosed dykes in assigned areas Trash containers will be emptied daily at end of shift Tool boxes must be maintained in an orderly fashion. Test benches and work stations maintained in a professional manner. CPM Lab cleaned daily. Including emptying of trash containers. Notify supervisor of any incidences of recurring equipment malfunctions and corrective action taken and of any non-conforming material or supplies noted. Monitor “Green” tank (Front end Dump) level, inform supervisor when close to 75% full. Ensure all safety equipment, devices and guards are properly used and in place at all times. Follow safe working procedures and safety rules. Notify and report any unsafe condition or tasks that require added assistance. THE ABOVE STATEMENT REFLECTS THE GENERAL DETAILS CONSIDERED NECESSARY TO DESCRIBE THE PRINCIPAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB IDENTIFIED AND SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED AS A GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE WORK REQUIREMENTS THAT MAY BE INHERENT IN THE CPM”S DAY TO DAY ACTIVITIES Job Requirements Enter Job Requirements Here Travel 0 - 10% Crown is an equal opportunity employer. Crown does not discriminate against any candidate or employee on the basis of race, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, veteran status, or any other status protected by law.

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